Investment Management

Investment planning is about developing tax efficient strategies that revolve around our client’s goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, and investment experience. Our goal is simple; we manage the risk of your investments so you can achieve your financial goals in your desired time frame.

It’s time, not timing, that is the most important part about being successful in the stock market. By using sound tax and asset allocation strategies, we strive to manage the risk in your portfolio.

  • What is Asset Allocation? - An investment strategy aimed at developing portfolios that balance risk and reward by diversifying among the three main asset classes- equities, fixed-income and cash equivalents.
    All investments involve some sort of risk, whether it’s market risk, interest risk, inflation risk, liquidity risk, or tax risk. An individualized asset allocation strategy seeks to mitigate the risks of any one asset class through diversification and balance.

Unified Wealth Management’s suite of investment management products include:

  • Active Portfolio Management
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Mutual Funds
    • Alternative Investments
    • 529
  • Passive Portfolio Management
    • ETF’s