Tax Strategies

No one enjoys paying taxes, but by working together we can develop strategies that fit your needs. At UWM, we use the proper tools to lower your present and future tax liabilities in order to fund retirement accounts with money that would otherwise go to Uncle Sam.

Tactical investment management, strategic insurances, and charitable contributions are some of the tools we use to help ease the burden of our client’s tax bills.

Unified Wealth Management offers a variety of products and services to aid your tax strategy, such as:

  • Personalized Tax Strategies coordinated with your financial goals
  • Effective Tax Law interpretation and integration into your financial plan
  • CPAs on staff
  • Tax Preparation
  • Entity Selection
  • Business Startups
  • Investment products that provide tax benefits
  • Charitable donations, which benefits not-for-profit work and allows donors to maximize tax credits
  • Strategic insurance products that build tax-advantaged capital for retirement